If you are like me, finding ways to stay fit while on vacation is always a challenge. You’re supposed to be vacation and the last thing you want to do is put in more work, when you’re there trying to escape it. But, you have put in months of hard work to get lean, tight and feel healthy, so why sabotage this while on vacation? You don’t have to! Follow these 6 tips to help you stay fit while still having a blast on vacation:

1. Early Bird Work Out

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Wake up early to start your day the right way and go for run, a long walk or swim. If you’re staying at a beach resort this is a perfect way to explore the shore around you! In the city? Get to know the area and maybe find a fun coffee shop to end your work out at. Also, if you get a small work out in early you will not disturb the friends or family you are on vacation with. Why waist the hard work you put in to prepare for this vacation while you are away? Getting it over with first thing in the morning is a great way to have the rest of your day to play!

2. Walk to your destination


Instead of jumping on a city bus or grabbing a taxi, why not utilize your feet? Is it possible to walk to your destination? If so, do it! Take the stairs! This small walking session will add up to your calories burned! So walk on your vacation and you will stay slim and feel great! Hey, if you choose your dinner as your cheat meal and want to cab it back at least you walked it there!

3. Stay Active


Choose excursions, tours and activities that require you to have fun and stay active. Hike to that waterfall, kayak down the river instead of doing the boat tour, paddle board at the resort, or walk to that observatory! Get the most out of your vacation!

4. Choose what you splurge on

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Sipping cocktails and and indulging on food all day shouldn’t be your vacation. It is okay to enjoy a few cocktails and cheat on some meals, but do not make this the center of your vacation. Try eating healthy for two out of the three meals while on vacation and just make one of your meals a cheat meal! Switch it around every day. So, if you cheat on breakfast one day than switch the next day to cheat on your dinner. Try following this and you will enjoy yourself, but not feel deprived of your indulgences!

5. Make sure there is a gym before you go


I like to make sure to always stay at a hotel/resort with a gym that has quality equipment. You never know what the weather will be like. This way if you can’t get outdoors, you can still get sometime in at a gym. Remember you’re on vacation though, so just stick to a simple 30min work out a day!

6. Dance!

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You’re on vacation! Have some fun and let loose!! Why not dance the calories away?! Did you know that vigorous dancing for 1 hour burns a crazy amount of calories and it is a whole lot of fun people! So find as many opportunities to dance while on your vacation. Not the dancing type? Or maybe you are shy? Remember, you’re on vacation! You’ll most likely never see these people again. You are stuck with your family and friends though, so don’t try any dance moves you’ll regret the next morning!

I hope these tips helped! If you need help planning that next unforgettable experience away email: info@lovetravelevents.com to get your plans started!

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