“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

The more I travel the world, the more I realize what is essentially needed on my travels. We all have those travel essentials that we are fond of and must travel with at all times, but are some of them really necessary? Do you tend to pack things that you never seem to use? After traveling for so many years I’ve realized which items you should always travel with and which items you can really do without. So to minimize your packing list and to help you travel as light as possible, here are some ways to strip back to the bare essentials…


Eventhough our phones offer everything these days (time, camera, compass, even a flash light), it’s a good idea to unplug for a few days and ditch the phone while on your vacation. I love this simple Casio rubber waterproof watch. I have it in various colors and its perfect for being on the go during a fun filled vacation.


A picture can say a thousand words and honestly it’s a cheaper souvenir. I love my old school Nikon D40. I’m I’ll eventually upgrade to something different, but it takes the best pictures and it fits inside most of my travel crossbody’s.


One of the best ways to remember everything you did during your travels is to keep a travel journal. This could mean somedays I write down a few words or notes to help me remember certain things, or there are other days I’m feeling metaphysical, thus leading the way to a 8-page high school style entry. Everyday will be different.

Luggage Tag

Its smart to put a luggage tag on each bag you take with you and to bring some extra with you just incase they break or fall off. You never know what can happen and its better to be prepared.


We are so used to using our phones and our GPS to get us from A to B. Call me old school, but I always have a map on me of the city I’m in. Trust me a map is always a good companion and these days you can find some awesome fun maps catered to your liking. They may even show some fun new restaurants or bars in the area.

The Real Essentials 

Then of course you can’t go far without a passport, current travel papers, copies of your travel insurance, a plane ticket, an extra ID, credit cards, cash, and a willingness to open your mind and heart to whatever it is you are exposed to along the way.

Packing Less is More

In terms of clothes, I can finally say that after years of overpacking I have finally managed to master the art of a carry-on bag for trips of up to two weeks. My advice is: less is truly more. The worst that can happen is you forget something and you buy it upon arrival. I suggest thin clothes, sticking to a color palate to easily mix and match, cotton t-shirts and shorts, sundresses, and a comfortable sweater that matches it all. The only time this can become a little difficult is during the winter, to which I would suggest to always wear your coat, jeans, and boots on the plane and your light changeable clothes in your carry-on!


Let me know your thoughts. What are your tips for packing less and do you agree with going back to basics!?

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