aplicativo para pedir em namoro Orenburg Would you ever try a digital detox?

We’re living in a world where Americans prefer to text rather than talk, where going a day with out a phone would seem like eternity, where even on vacation we rarely take a break from our gadgets. I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us desperately need a little time to unplug and recharge. The question is are we willing to really do that while on vacation? I’ve never attempted it, but the idea has really caught my attention! It makes total sense that in order to truly reboot and gain perspective and be able to stay healthy and happy, it’s extremely important to unplug.

Nearly 80 percent of travelers say they take their mobile devices with them and use them frequently on vacation.

Well, in response to the demand for restorative tech-free getaways, more hotels, yoga retreats and travel companies have begun offering digital detox packages to help vacationers restore their sense of calm and balance. Forward thinking destinations and resorts are promoting their lack of technology and connectivity, after a decade spent selling us on the “perks” of in-room WiFi, plasma TV’s, and iPod docking stations.

So, If you’re ready to boldly go where no smartphone has gone, consider escaping the demands and distractions of modern life at one of these digital detox retreats below. Take wellness travel to the next level…

1. Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid, New York


Courtesy of Lake Placid Lodge

On the shores of Lake Placid, surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains, the rustic yet luxurious Lake Placid Lodge is the perfect place to escape the distractions of everyday life. With the “Check-In to Check-Out” package, you can check in your devices upon arrival and use the rest of your trip to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, outdoor activities, and the hotel’s many amenities. Private cabins start at $375 per night.

2. Jacada Travel Wellness Getaway, Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica


Head down to tropical Costa Rica to get away from the business of your everyday life and enjoy a little R&R. The retreat takes travelers through the Cloud Forests and then on to the beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula. All-inclusive 10-day packages from $5,957 per person.

3. Via Yoga Retreats, Mexico & Costa Rica


Courtesy of Via Yoga Retreats

With luxury yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Sayulita, Mexico, and Todos Santos, Mexico through the year, Via Yoga offers the ultimate wellness retreat and digital detox package. Although you don’t have to give up your gadgets, yoga retreat attendees who turn in their iPhones upon arrival receive a 15 percent discount. In addition to beachside yoga, pilates and meditation classes, guests can also enjoy surfing and outdoor activities. Retreat rates start at $2,395 per person.


Redhill dka treatment guidelines Here are two actual retreats for someone who is looking for an extreme Digital Detox:

4. Camp Grounded, Anderson Valley, California


This summer camp for adults promises visitors a chance to get back to childhood — with campfire songs instead of YouTube videos and board games instead of Angry Birds, The Digital Detox’s “Camp Grounded” is all about technology-free summer fun. This June, 200 grown-up campers will unplug for four days of outdoor activities and nostalgia in the California redwoods. Four-day stays start at $340 per person.

5. Shambhala Ranch Retreat, Ukiah, California


Courtesy of Shambhala Ranch Retreat

The Digital Detox (whose company motto is “disconnect to reconnect”) offers regular tech-free getaways to the peaceful Shambhala Ranch Retreat in the Mendocino hills of Northern California. The restorative trip includes yoga, meditation, hiking, art, and organic cuisine — no devices allowed. The intimate retreat is open to a maximum of 14 guests, who stay in luxurious private rooms in the large ranch-style lodge. Four-day stays range from $500-950.


If you’re wanting to try this concept, but aren’t 100% ready to take the plunge contact Love. Travel. Events. and we’ll create you your own personalized “Braincation Package

We’ll come up with a happy medium for you in order to help you de-stress and de-tech at a destination of your choice! With plenty of hotels to choose from that offer “tech free zones” and with our ideas to help you digitally unwind while on vacation, you’ll be on your way to pure relaxation in no time. Think of hiding that cell phone in your safe for the weekend, having breakfast in bed, in-room massages, a personal detox survival kit, and activities to keep you from even wanting to look at your phone! masculinely red dead online poker xp Get ready to Disconnect to reconnect with Love. Travel. Events. Email us at: to get your perfect plan started!

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