If I could go without makeup everyday I surely would! On most days I do, but there are some days that you just look absolutely exhausted or days you want to look fresher than others. Either way, when I’m traveling the first thing I want to do when I wake up is drink coffee, than explore the city and after that find a fun new restaurant. The last thing I want to do while on vacation is worry about applying a face load of makeup. So, on those days you’re not hitting the beach and are walking around town or jumping on a flight, give yourself 5 minutes to put a little makeup on. I call it the: I don’t want to look like I have make up on, but I have makeup on look. A little goes a long way!


A Step by Step: Travel Makeup

I like to buy all of my daily makeup in travel size that can easily fit in a small cosmetics bag. I don’t keep eye shadow palates longer than 6 months, I replace my mascara and eye liner every 3 months and I buy individual packets of foundation that I replace once I’ve used it up which is about every 2 months. This help to prevent an eye infection and breakouts.



Step one:

Wash your face with a gentle face wash.

I religiously wash, tone, and moisturize my face every morning, night and every time I shower. I also get a facial every month or so to prevent breakouts and keep my skin feeling great. Ideally, what we use under our makeup is truly more important than the makeup itself. I’ve been using the same products given to me by my esthetician for years now and I love them. Danielle Hayden is the best of the best at what she does and I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my face. She introduced me to these Silver products that have significantly improved the quality of my skin. She also formulates her own natural oil recipes for each persons specific skin care needs. I use this as my moisturizer.

Step two:

Apply a toner, moisturize and if it’s in the am or afternoon apply a lightweight SPF

Step three:

A concealer is pretty useful on days you have dark circles, blemishes or red spots. Apply that and blend into the areas needed using a sponge. A concealer will always look lighter till you apply your foundation over it.

Step four:

Apply a light layer of foundation. I like to go for a light pressed powder and apply it with a sponge applicator and make sure to blend it all over my face and neck. I’ve been using the same foundation and concealer from Aveda for years now and absolutely love the dual foundation they have. Aveda Makeup goes beyond minerals to combine their energy with plant-derived ingredients that help care for your skin. Formulated without parabens, talc, or mineral oil.

Step five:

Blush is a great way to add some color, but not a lot. You don’t want to look like a barbie. When applying, be sure to use a brush and use light strokes. I always like to tap my brush before applying, to make sure there’s not a ton of powder on it before applying to my face.

Step six: 

I like to keep my eyes simple during the day, so using a brush- I do a light shimmer under my brow and a cream color on my lid, than I use a brow pencil to fill and shape my brows a little.

Step seven:

Mascara I just do one coat during the day and two at night. Eye lash curlers are fantastic.

Step Eight:

For my lips, I keep it super simple. Either a nude gloss or tinted pink lip balm for some color to give you that fresh-look!

Now you have that: I don’t want to look like I have makeup on, but I have makeup on look. A little goes a long way!

What are some of your favorite travel makeup tips?


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