From the depths of it’s pristine waters, to the height of it’s tallest peak, you will feel Bonaire’s magic wash over you from the moment you arrive and throughout the day, as you become attuned to Bonaire’s unhurried way. You will find that here on Bonaire, there is a peaceful ambiance for daily life, without the hassle of traffic lights, hustle and bustle, or normal day-to-day worries. Your only concern will be how to spend the time you have on Bonaire wisely. No wonder cruise lines have added this hidden gem to their ports of call!


stichometrically covid-19 number of countries History

Bonaire is an island in the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Together with Aruba and Curaçao, it forms the group known as the ABC islands, located off the north coast of South America near the western part of Venezuela.

Unlike much of the Caribbean region, the ABCs lie outside the hurricane belt and have an arid climate. This helps tourism as visitors to the islands can reliably expect warm, sunny weather. Bonaire is a popular destination for scuba divers, well known for easy access to its reef from the shore.

Salt Flats: Bonaire


unlimited spins gta online Things to do:

  1. Scuba, Snorkel, Surf
  2. 22 Beaches
  3. Cadushy Rum Distillery
  4. Historical and Heritage tours
  5. Salt Flats
  6. Lake Gotomeer
  7. Flamingo Sanctuary
  8. Donkey Sanctuary
  9. Klien Bonaire Island
  10. Karels Beach Bar


Unaí namoro é uma via de mão dupla Shore Excursion Suggestion: A day in Bonaire

Being a small Island this, is one of the best places for you to get off your ship, tour the entire island with a private taxi that will be $25pp for 3 to 4hrs and than have them drop you off at your favorite beach or at the water taxi pickup/dropoff at Karel’s Beach Bar (Have a drink while you wait) and head to Klien Bonaire for the day. Water taxi is $20pp round trip.


http://advantatotalhealth.com/208-cs54100-casino-online-games-morocco.html Beaches

Bonaire has over 22 beaches. On Bonaire and sister island Klein Bonaire, the sands of some beaches are soft and blindingly white, while others are coarser and darker due to the high content of crushed shells and coral. But that’s a fair trade for having such spectacular reefs right offshore! Beach condition is intrinsically tied to the health of those reefs. You can help by taking your plastics and trash back with you, leaving the shells where they lie (they might be a home for hermit crabs) and wearing eco-friendly sunscreen.

prata fina aliança de namoro lentamente A Few Beaches:

  • 1000 steps Beach
  • Bachelors Beach
  • Noname Beach
  • Sorobon Beach
  • Pink Beach
  • Flamingo Beach
  • Boka Kokolishi Beach

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And you of course can’t leave without trying their local beer!


There’s a dominant beer in Bonaire: Polar, which comes from nearby Venezuela, although many also prefer Heineken.

But a new small-batch label is looking to make a mark: Bonaire Blond. It’s a pale beer, with what are described as “hints of lime and aloe vera,” the latter one of the island’s indigenous plants. For now, it’s being served at some of Bonaire’s most famous eateries: At Sea, La Cantina, Little Havana and Hang Out Beach Bar.

All in all, Bonaire is a gem in the caribbean and a phenomenal place to spend your day!

Have you been to Bonaire? Let me know how you spent your day below!

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