If you’ve never been lucky enough to visit the Canary Islands in Spain, chances are that you’ve at least seen pictures of its breathtaking landscapes. After saving up for months, I decided to go for it! Having seven Canary Islands to choose from I decided on Tenerife, as it’s one of the largest and most populous Islands. It’s amazing how Tenerife truly has something for everyone! With its array of different kind of beaches, dramatic cliffs, World Heritage sites and consistent sunshine, Tenerife made the perfect destination to escape to. Here’s a look at why Tenerife is rightly proclaimed as one of Spain’s most prized holiday destinations and why I fell in love with this gorgeous Island.



What else can you find on an island that has almost 365 days of sunshine and mild temperatures, besides the museums and the “normal” places of interest? The beaches of course! Tenerife is home to some of Europe’s best beaches, several of which have soft golden or volcanic sand with warm tranquil waters ideal for swimming. Another one of my favorite things about this island is the amount of natural pools all around the coasts.

Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic is always a pleasure, but the experience turns into something unforgettable when you swim in one of the natural pools of the Canary Islands. They tend to be chillier during certain times of the year, but an amazing experience nonetheless. The archipelago is particularly rich in these natural resources as well as in these types of pools, all of which are full of charm and are strikingly beautiful.

The natural pools are enclosed spaces into which, due to their natural formation, the sea water seeps without any human intervention apart from adding steps, walkways and diving points. This is why they are a must see for all those visitors who, apart from having a refreshing dip, look for authentic and natural perfection.


The climate

Tenerife is known internationally as the “Island of Eternal Spring”. The island, being on a latitude of the Sahara Desert, enjoys a warm climate year-round. Tenerife’s climate makes it a favorite destination for those refusing to believe that summer is over.


Dramatic landscape

The coastlines in Tenerife are nothing short of dramatic. Golden sandy beaches, volcanic sand & rugged cliffs run for miles along the Atlantic Ocean, rising up steeply from the beautiful beaches below. The best way to explore the coastline is to rent a car and set off for the day.


Seeking Adventure

Tenerife is home to the third largest volcano in the world! The Teide National Park (World Heritage Site) is right in the center of the island, it is the highest elevation of Spain & the highest of the islands of the Atlantic Ocean. What better way to spend one of your days than to drive up to Mount Teide. You’ll want to hop on the cable car to the very top which will put you at 3,555m altitude roughly 11,666ft, so be prepared for the altitude & weather change.

Side note:Altitude sickness tends to affect men more than women, especially men between the ages of 16 and 25, for unknown reasons. It is important to remember that just because you are young and healthy, and haven’t experienced altitude sickness in the past doesn’t mean you are immune to it on future climbs. Physical fitness is not necessarily a good indicator, and neither are strength or good health. You may react badly to altitude despite being fit, young and healthy. In fact, the fit, young and healthy have a hidden risk: their general physical capacity leads them to believe that they should handle altitude just fine, which is not always true.

Once you’re adjusted, hike up a bit more to grasp Teide’s true natural beauty. You’ll be in awe, as you see yourself over the clouds starring into what I like to call ” The stairway to Heaven”.




There’s nothing better than coming back to your hotel room after a long day of sightseeing, unwinding with a nice glass of wine and watching a killer sunset from the comforts of your balcony. I suggest that you get yourself one when you book your trip to Tenerife, because you won’t want to miss these stellar views, as the skies hues change right before your eyes.


The Food

Canarian cuisine: the typical food of the Canary Islands are pretty simple dishes consisting of grilled meat or fried chicken,  papas arrugadas (potatoes), & red and green Mojo sauce. Simple and delicious!

IMG_2714I can’t wait to return to this fun filled Island and I hope that you venture off to this superb destination in the near future!

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